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Before you start looking for a suitable home, we will be happy to explain how works.

In the first place: We work entirely online! is a fully digital platform. In this way we help you safely and efficently get your new home. Have any questions? Send us a message. You will receive an answer as soon as possible! As soon as we assign a property to you, we can also be reached by telephone.

Rent a home quickly?
Then register for the properties you prefer. You are then on the waiting list immediately. How long you have to wait depends on the location and the price of the property. For a social rental home (rental price that offers the possibility of housing benefit) in a large city, the waiting time is often longer, 5 to 8 months on average. For a house in the free sector, the waiting time increases from 1 week to 3 months.


We allocate properties based on the oldest rights (registration period), your presence at the Open House and the applicable conditions. This way everyone has a fair chance.

Am I eligible?
To answer this question, always read the conditions before you sign up! If you meet the conditions and complete your profile, you will receive a message from our system within 1 hour as to whether (and possibly how) you qualify. If it does not fit completely, we can bridge any deficit with a higher deposit and / or a guarantee. If it does not fit at all, we cannot help you now. The account remains valid for 12 months. Times change, so maybe your options too.

How can I view the property?
At we work with group viewings. You do not have to register in advance. You are welcome to visit any Public Open House moment, even without prior registration. If there is a lot of interest in a particular home, we will choose to invite only those people who are already on the waiting list (or high up on it). This Top or Premium Open House is then only visible on our website, with a mention of the date.

Would you prefer to view first without registering?
No problem! This is possible with the projects on the open house agenda. You do not have to confirm your arrival to the open house.

To help you on your way, below are some useful links:

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