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Before you start your search with us, we would like to explain how [VB] works:

For more video's go to our Youtube channel:

Our vision

We believe that good tenants make the neighborhood better. A decent and reliable tenant is an asset to the house and to his (social) environment. VB stands for a transparent and smart way of housing distribution, without prejudice and regardless of origin and/or skin colour. Using digitalisation, VB designs the rental process in such a way that everyone gets a fair chance with us and is treated objectively. Prospective tenants can estimate when it is their turn due to the public waiting list. This makes waiting for a property through VB worthwhile. VB invents and builds innovative digital solutions for the rental process. This starts with a smooth customer journey to rent the property. Then with a soft landing in the rental property and personal involvement during occupancy time. That way, we have insight into who lives and what is going on. Result: less nagging behind the front door. Using these digital solutions, VB aims to be a trendsetter in a rapidly changing rental market.

We work largely online is a digital platform. It allows us to help as many people as possible find accommodation safely and efficiently. Any questions? Here you can read all the contact options. You will receive an answer as soon as possible! As soon as we assign a property to you, we can also be reached by telephone.

Offers on, and; watch out for other websites!

Our offer is always shown up-to-date on, on Via these websites, you can look at our offers for free. Once you have found something you like there, we advise you to continue on our website, as we usually share even more information there, such as 3D tours, videos and energy labels.

PLEASE NOTE: there are also websites that copy our offer without our permission and display it on their website. You will then have to pay to view our offer. We advise you not to use such websites, as you can also find our homes for free. Read more via this link: housing sites that cost money, these sites are separate from Responding on these sites for a property does NOT qualify you for the property. We only allocate properties through our website.

Rent a property fast and average waiting time?

Sign up for a Faster Renting account to rent as quickly as possible. You will then immediately be put on the waiting list. How long you have to wait depends on the location and price of the property.

Average waiting times:

  • For social housing, for which a rent subsidy is possible, with a rent of up to 800 euros per month, the waiting time is often considerably longer, ranging from 9 to 18 months.

  • For a property in the free sector, hourly prices higher than €800 per month, the waiting time ranges from 1 week to 3 months.

Fair and transparent waiting list

At we use a fair and transparent waiting list to allocate houses. This waiting list is based on a set of clear conditions. As soon as you sign up for a Faster Renting account, the waiting list becomes visible to all potential tenants. This way, we show them, for example, how long the last tenant had to wait before they were allocated a property in a specific project. Because of this approach, we have noticed that potential tenants no longer look for housing with other landlords, but patiently wait for their turn with us. Welcome to

PLEASE NOTE: We allocate houses on the basis of the oldest rights (registration period), your presence at the Open House and the applicable conditions. This way, everyone gets a fair chance.

Do I qualify?

To answer this question, we always advise you to read these conditions carefully before you apply for a Faster Renting account! If you meet the conditions and complete your profile in full, you will receive notification from our system within 1 hour whether (and possibly how) you qualify. If it doesn't quite fit, we can bridge any shortfall with a higher deposit and/or a guarantee. If it doesn't fit at all, we can't help you now. The account remains valid for 12 months. Times change, so perhaps your options will too. Read more about the rental budget here.

How can I view the property?

At we work with group viewings. There is no need to register in advance. You are welcome to visit an Open House, even without first registering. If there is a lot of interest in a particular property, we choose to invite only those people with a Faster Renting account who are already (high) on the waiting list. You will then only see this Top or Faster Renting Open House on our website, stating the date.

Prefer to view without registering?

No problem! You can do this for the projects listed on the Open House agenda. You never need to confirm your attendance at the Open House.

Reviews tenants

Read how our tenants have experienced the method via this link:

88% of tenants experience our service as reliable and rate our service with 4 stars (15%) or 5 stars (73%) out of 5 stars.

To help you on your way, below are some useful links:

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