What are the conditions to ascertain if you are eligible?

Signing up is useful if you recognize yourself in the following points:

  • you have income from work, pension, income from work in combination with student grant or only student grant (in combination with an extra deposit and a guarantor who lives in the Netherlands or the European Union);

  • you have a valid residence permit in the Netherlands;

  • the result of our automated credit check is that you have a positive payment history;

  • you can communicate in Dutch or English;

  • you are transparent about questions and answers concerning your registration;

  • as soon as we grant you a home you can upload these documents

There's no point in signing up when you:

  • have a negative payment history according to the automated credit check;

  • you have an income that consists of surcharges only (exception: student grant)

  • you only have an assistance homeless person's disability or similar benefit;

  • you have to deal with debt assistance (amicable or statutory WSNP).

Read the conditions carefully and if you meet them, only then sign up. We have a no-refund policy!

How much do I have to earn to qualify for housing?

You can read more about the rental budget and how it can be influenced here.


  • If the candidate does not have a fixed income but does have substantial equity (from € 100,000 free available savings), you may also qualify.

  • If the required income cannot be fully met, additional securities (increased deposit, maximum 3 months and guarantee) can be considered in consultation. 

  • We allocate homes on the basis of the oldest rights (registration period) and the applicable conditions.

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