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Which documents does ask for?
Which documents does ask for?
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Documents are only required when we assign you a property. From that point you have 3 days time to upload the requested documents in your Premium account.

Which documents are required?
Below you will find the maximum number of documents that we ask for when actually allocating a house. Documents only need to be uploaded later, when it really matters. This is how we also protect your privacy in the very first phase.

“Also, the checking of the documents only takes place when we assign a house. The iDIN check can also be carried out the moment of allocation. No hurry for now.”

We always ask for an easy to read scan of

  • a recent photograph of you;

  • If an iDIN check cannot be performed, we will ask for your identification (no driving licence);

  • Extract from Basic Registration Persons [BRP]

We always ask for an easy to read scan of

  • salary specifications [three most recent copies];

  • bank statement [three most recent copies showing income];

  • employer's statement [we will always contact your employer in the event of verification];

  • annual statement [most recent copies];

  • employment contract;

  • agency work employment contract.

We always ask for an easy to read scan of

  • an extract from the Chamber of Commerce (not older than 3 months);

  • annual figures for the last 2 financial years;

  • income tax return of the last 2 years;

  • VAT returns of the current / previous year.

We always ask for an easy to read scan of

  • your monthly income specification for the last 3 months;

  • bank statements of the last 3 months, showing the crediting of the most recent income;

  • college card;

  • proof of enrolment in the study programme.

We always ask for an easy to read scan of

  • proof of identity (driving licence is not allowed);

  • the income of the guarantor.

Please note: All foreign income-related documents should be provided in Dutch or English (including from the guarantor).

If this is not available to you, you should always have these documents translated by a recognised translation agency. Please note that this may take several days.


  • If there is no fixed income but there is equity, we will ask you to prove it.

  • Sometimes we request specific dossier related documents.

  • If you leave a rental property behind a landlord's statement.

  • If you leave behind a house for sale, a mortgagee's declaration is required.

  • If there is a divorce | a divorce covenant.

  • In the case of a divorce, a divorce covenant is in place.

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