How does the Profile Card look like?
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Example of a Profile Card with a Premium account:

Among other things, the Profile Card is convenient to use:

  1. to upload your photo (important if you want to rent after an Open House!)

  2. to see in outline how your profile questions have been answered by you

  3. enter the code after the Open House (only needed if you want to rent the house(s)!)

  4. to see your favorite properties and sort them if necessary

  5. to see your position on the waiting list

  6. to add/adapt your preferred living spaces and see all current listings via the links

  7. to indicate if you're still looking. You will receive periodic notification from us with this question. Here you can indicate whether you are looking as soon as possible or in a while (save after updating!); if you want to rent in the future, we also invite you later for Open Houses! If you do not update this question we will not see you on the waiting list!

Basically, the Profile Card is the starting point to keep your wishes up to date. This is how we can best help you find a new home.

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