How does the Profile Card look like?

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Example of a Profile Card with a Faster Renting account:

This picture of the Profile Card shows numbers 1-11 that correspond with the explanation below.

The profile card serves the following purposes:

  1. Here you can upload a photo of yourself.

  2. Here you can see an overview how you filled your profile.

  3. There are two locations in the profile card to fill the 3-digit open house code:
    1. in the field next to the property the column "Open House/code" "enter code" or
    2. above, under the blue "you are eligible for..." frame appears the option to do so, click the button "Enter code".
    Filling the code is required within 24 hours from the start of the open house and is only necessary if you want to rent the property!

  4. Here you can see your favourite properties. The order from top to bottom shows your preference, with the house at the top being your first choice.

  5. Here you can see your position on the waiting list for the house.

    ATTENTION: if the position on the waiting list shows a dash '-', this means:
    1. your account has become Inactive; you have to add properties again and indicate whether you are still looking or (also see point 7 below!)
    2. the waiting list needs to be updated, which usually happens within 5 minutes. Refresh your browser afterwards.

  6. Here you can add your preferred properties.

  7. Here you can indicate whether you are still actively looking. We will ask you about your search status every fortnight (don't forget to click the save button after updating!). If you intend to rent in the future, we will invite you to future Open Houses. If you do not update this query, you will also not be put on the waiting list until this is updated again.

  8. This is your Search Profile, which allows you to set your housing preferences so that we can properly invite you to open houses of your liking.

  9. After an open house, suppose you want to rent the home, you need to enter the code (also see point 3. above) and share your source data via Datakeeper with your DigiD, after which you will automatically receive the rental proposal tailored to your profile.

  10. Here you can add the second tenant, if you like.

  11. If you filled the code and you want to receive a rental proposal, then click the "Import data" button and follow the steps and you safely share your data with us via Datakeeper with DigiD. Once done and if you are eligible, 24 hours after the viewing, you will automatically receive your rental proposal.

The Profile Card is your starting point to keep your wishes up-to-date. This is how we can best help you find a new home.

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