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How does the waiting list and property allocation process operate?
How does the waiting list and property allocation process operate?

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With a Premium account, you can view your current position on the waiting list for each of your preferred properties in your Profile Card.

Under option
Properties that have been put under option for someone else are no longer displayed here. However, if a property becomes available again due to the candidate rejecting it, the waiting list position for that property will become visible once more.

Potential waiting list changes

Until the candidate selection process, which usually occurs 2 days after the Open House, candidates can modify their preferences for the houses listed in their Profile Card. If a candidate's registration period is longer than yours, they will be placed ahead of you on the waiting list. It's also possible for a candidate with a longer registration duration to remove a property from their preferences or cease searching for a home altogether. In such cases, other candidates move up one position on the waiting list. During the candidate selection process, we determine the positions of candidates on the waiting list, starting with position 1, 2, 3, and so on.

Qualify by visiting the open house

We strongly suggest visiting the property before renting it. While it's not mandatory to be present to be eligible for the property, it's a step in our rental procedure to input the open house code. If you cannot make it to the open house, you can request the code through your housing record. By doing this, you indicate your agreement to rent the home without physically seeing it.

Adjust preferences within 24 hours and enter the unique code
To indicate your interest in specific properties, make sure to adjust your preferences within 24 hours after attending the Open House and enter the unique code corresponding to the property you wish to qualify for. Access your Profile Card and provide the 3-digit code you received during the Open House. Two working days after the Open House, we will select the candidate. The candidate at the top of the waiting list at that time will receive a rental proposal from in their account. If you do not receive a rental proposal, it means the property has not been assigned to you. Rest assured that everyone who expressed interest and entered the code will receive a notification. If you don't have a Premium registration yet, it's crucial to complete this step within 24 hours after the Open House, specifying your preferred properties and their unique codes.

Rental proposal, document upload and rental agreement

The candidate who accepts the rental proposal before the deadline, typically the next day at noon, will receive the rental agreement in their account. It's vital to upload all required documents into your account within 6 days. We request that you review the agreement and sign it online within 2 days, as well as make the initial payment (including rent, service costs, deposit, etc.). If this isn't done within the specified period, the property will become available again, and we will proceed with the next candidate on the waiting list.

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