How does the waiting list and property allocation process operate

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Updated over a week ago gives people a fair chance.We allocate homes based on registration duration and the applicable conditions. This way, we help you find a new home 10 times faster than others. A social rented house is naturally more desirable due to its low rent, than an expensive free-sector house.

Below we tell you how our waiting list works.

Before you charge for a Faster Renting account, you can see for all properties in our listings how many people (in the example below, 10 prospective tenants) are already on the waiting list for that property. You can see this by the heart, with the number next to it.

With a FasterRenting account, you can view your current position on the waiting list for each of your preferred properties in your Profile Card.

These two arrows refer to your position on the waiting list and that the status of each property is indicated, 'available' or 'under option'.

Under option
Properties that have been put under option for someone else are, the moment the allocation is finalised, no longer displayed here. However, if a property becomes available again because the chosen candidate rejected it, the waiting list position for that property will become visible once more.

Position on the waiting list changes

Every candidate can change housing preferences in his Profile Card up to 24 hours after the open house. If the registration duration of this candidate is longer than your registration duration, this candidate moves up the waiting list before you. It is also possible that a candidate with a longer registration duration removes the house from his preferences or is no longer looking for a house at all. In that case, the other candidates all move up one position on the waiting list. The moment we start candidate selection, we will see who is at number 1, 2 or 3 etc.

Visit the Open House to qualify

It is important that you view the property before you rent it. You may also send someone to look on your behalf. Therefore, if you don't attend the Open House and your position on the waiting list is high (the chances of you being able to rent are then high), you will miss out on the chance to rent the property and someone with a lesser position may go ahead.

Do you want to rent the property after the open house?

If you want to be considered for a property you must:

  1. enter the 3-digit code [code] to the property in your Profile Card within 24 hours from the start of the open house. The Profile Card can only be accessed with a Faster Rent account.

  2. complete the Datakeeper pre-registration via the QR code and your DigiD account (with username and password).

24 hours after the open house, you will then automatically receive a rental proposal from us, which you must accept or reject within 24 hours. After this, we will proceed with the prospective tenant who has accepted the rental proposal and is then at the top of the waiting list. Of course, anyone who has shown interest via this route and unfortunately hasn't made it by now will receive a neat message from us.

Please note! If you do not yet have a Faster Rent registration, it is important that you complete this within 24 hours after the Open House, add your preferred property, add the unique code and complete the Datakeeper pre-registration.

The rental agreement, sign and pay and upload documents

The candidate who has accepted the rental proposal within 24 hours and is at the top of the waiting list will in principle become the tenant. If it does not go through, we will proceed with the next on the waiting list, who has accepted the rental proposal. This is also the time to upload the requested documents.

Are you the lucky one? Then we will prepare the rental agreement and the start note for you. The agreement must then be signed and the start note paid, both within 24 hours. Once this is in order, we will do another check via Datakeeper for remaining data and ask you to upload any documents in your account. You have a total of 6 days for this.

PLEASE NOTE: if you do not sign and pay within 24 hours, we will move on to the next candidate on the waiting list.

" distinguishes itself in the competitive rental housing market through this fair allocation process."

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