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Updated over a week ago attaches great importance to your privacy.

If you register at to create an account and click on agreement, you hereby give us permission to use the personal data provided by you for the purpose for which they were provided: the ability to rent a home through The use of by tenants and affiliated landlords is described in the Terms of Use and Privacy Statement. At first registration on a platform we advise everyone to read the terms of use and the privacy statement and then accept. uses the following provisions regarding your privacy:

  • The information that asks from you are in accordance with the law in a proper and careful manner processed.

  • The personal data will only be collected for specific, predefined and justified purposes. These are then only further processed for purposes that are compatible with it.

  • The data at are appropriately secured: we use 'HTTPS' certificates (for secure connection) and the data is stored on ISO-27001 certified servers.

The right to be forgotten
When you log in to your account you can use 'My Account' to remove all your data from with the function "cancel account" at the bottom of the page. This is possible for both Premium and Free accounts, of course.

The right to view your information
If you log in to your account, you can view all the personale data you have shared with us via 'Living File' and, if necessary, download it for your own use.

The right to modify your data
If your data in our system is not correct, you can easily change it in your "Profile" after logging into your account.

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