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How does deal with my personal data and my privacy? #privacy #GDPR #security #cancel #terminate avatar
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Updated over a week ago places a strong emphasis on safeguarding your privacy.

By registering on to create an account and click on agreement, you are

granting us permission to utilize the personal data your provide for the specific purpose for which it was given: the facilitation of renting a home through The utilization of by tenants and affiliated landlords is outlined in the the Terms of Use and Privacy Statement. We strongly recommend that everyone reads and accepts these terms and statements upon their initial registration on the platform. adheres to the following provisions concerning your privacy:

  • The information requested by is processed in accordance with the law in a proper and careful manner.

  • Personal data is only collected for specific, predefined and justified purposes.

    Subsequent processing is carried out only for purposes compatible with the initial intent.

  • Data at is appropriately secured, employing 'HTTPS' certificates for a secure connection, and the data is stored on ISO-27001 certified servers.

Rights regarding your data:

​The right to be forgotten
When logged into your account, you can utilize 'My Account' to delete all your data from through the "cancel account" function at the bottom of the page. This option is available for both Faster Renting and Free accounts.

The right to view your information
Upon logging into your account, you can access all the personal data you have shared with us via 'Living File' and, if necessary, download it for your own use.

The right to modify your data
If your data in our system is inaccurate, you can easily update it in your "Profile" after logging into your account.

PLEASE NOTE: if you are in the rental proposal and allocation phase after the open house, your Profile will be temporarily blocked. This is because we will then make the allocation based on the data you entered. 48 hours after this phase, you can edit everything to your heart's content again.

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