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Information on our aftercare and termination of lease
You rent a house together and 1 of you wants to leave the house
You rent a house together and 1 of you wants to leave the house

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The steps if 1 of the 2 tenants wants to leave the house

You want to continue living alone in the property.

After all, you have rented the property together. The person who wants to continue living in the house can request the landlord to rent the house alone. The landlord will check whether you can afford the rent yourself. The landlord might also involve for this purpose. If your situation gives reason to rent the house alone you can continue to live in the house under the same rental agreement. Your roommate will then be removed from the rental agreement after acceptance by the landlord.

Subletting is prohibited by law and is subject to heavy fines. We therefore discourage you from taking someone into your home without informing the landlord.

Short step-by-step plan

  1. Inform the landlord that you wish to continue renting the property on your own.

  2. The landlord confirms your termination and might direct you to

  3. The landlord or assesses if you can afford the rent alone and agrees on conditions with you.

  4. Once you accept, the rental agreement will be amended.

  5. The departing tenant will be removed from the rental agreement.

You want to rent the property together with someone else.

If you want to rent the same house with someone else, you and your current (departing) co-tenant must first terminate the existing rental agreement. This is because the departing co-tenant no longer wishes to be responsible for the rental agreement. Your joint request with the new co-tenant will be reviewed by the landlord, who will involve The landlord will establish a new rent for a fresh rental agreement. This rent may be different (higher or lower) from what you are accustomed to. This ensures that both you and the new co-tenant have equal rental rights.

Short step-by-step plan

  1. Notify the landlord together about terminating the current rent and express the desire to rent the house with a new person.

  2. The landlord acknowledges your termination and directs you to*. You'll receive priority on their waiting list for this.

  3. assesses if you and the new tenant can afford the rent together and agrees on conditions with you.

  4. After your approval, a new rental agreement is created.

*To rent the property with another person, we require information from both of you. This data is gathered in a secure account under your names. A Faster Renting (paid) account is necessary for this process. Complete all profile questions and send us a message through the chat button (bottom right in your screen). In your message, mention that you have been nominated by the departing tenant. We will reach out to you afterward.

As a departing tenant, nominate a tenant.

Conditions to be aware of

Please note that we are not obliged to allocate the property to the candidate you nominated. They may be given priority on the waiting list, provided they meet our requirements.

Nomination is not possible in the following situations:

  • Social rental properties (properties that are eligible for housing benefits). You can NOT nominate a candidate for these properties. This way other people with a Faster Renting account on the waiting list have a better chance to obtain these properties.

  • Nomination is not allowed when an open house has already been scheduled for the property. In other words: then you are too late. Other people already count on this home to be allocated.

  • Nomination is also not possible if the property has already been assigned to another candidate or if we are in the process of selecting a candidate after a viewing.

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