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You can apply for rent allowance for houses with a basic rent below the limit of € 879,66 (reference year 2024). There are a few exceptions, so be sure to check whether you meet the conditions for this rental allowance. The tax authorities (Belastingdienst) explain everything very clearly. In a nutshell: the point is that the rent is not too high or your income not too high. Read the conditions on

Bare rent:

This refers to the rent of your property, without additional costs. Think of gas, water and electricity. 

Included service costs:
Service charges are paid monthly to your landlord. The amount and specification of service charges are usually in your rental contract or in the letter about the annual rent increase.

Types of service costs:
• Costs for cleaning of common areas
• Energy costs for common areas
• Costs for the caretaker
• Costs for service and recreation rooms

For each type of service charge, we add a maximum of € 12 to the rental price, even if you pay a higher amount. This means a maximum of € 48 in total.

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