What are service and utility costs?
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By hovering the ? (question mark) icon on the website at the chose property you can

see what is included in the service costs

Service and utility costs

Service costs are additional expenses on top of a home's base rent. These may include charges for cleaning, gardening, furnishings, and the services of a caretaker. Utility costs, on the other hand, encompass expenses for gas, water, and electricity, each measured through individual meters for tenants.

Eligible service costs

Eligible service costs are those that can be factored into the calculation of rent allowance. These costs typically have a maximum limit. They may include one or more of the following: cleaning expenses for communal areas, energy costs for shared spaces, caretaker charges, and fees for service and recreational areas. For more details, refer to the Tax and Customs Administration's (Belastingdienst) website.

No service charges or utilities
The following expenses are not covered by service charges or utilities:

  • Care service costs, including expenses for meal delivery, nursing, and alarm services.

  • Taxes and charges, such as sewerage fees. While the landlord may pass on specific costs and charges to you, they are not included in the service charges. Owners bear owner charges (like property tax), while users (tenants) cover user charges (such as waste disposal fees). The assessment for waste disposal charges will be under the name of the building user. In cases of multiple building use (like private room rental), this assessment will be paid to the owner/landlord.

Service costs explained further

Items highlighted in the Details section of our property listings on the website may need additional clarification. You can find more information on these matters by following the link provided below.

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