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Renting as a student? It is possible with us!
Renting as a student? It is possible with us!

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Students are also eligible to rent accommodation from us. One of the conditions is that everyone has their own guarantor. Our preference is for a first degree relative, such as father, mother, brother or sister. The guarantor must also live and work within the European Union.

No angry students at VB

Apart from a possible part-time job and student grants, there is often no question of a full income from employment. This is why we charge a deposit of 3 months (3 times the rent).

But how can a student finance the house? The possibilities are as follows
• With a student grant (loan);
• Income from work;
• Your parents pay the rent or there is a parent allowance.

Of course, a combination is also possible; after all, this provides more financial capacity. After we have assigned you a residence, we will ask you to submit documents that correspond with the information you provided in the residence file.

  • Proof of registration for the course;

  • Grant decision of study financing DUO;

  • Monthly specification of your secondary job;

  • Three recent bank statements showing your income and/or DUO;

  • UWV statement of employment history;

  • Basic Registration of Persons (BRP);

  • Identity card of the guarantor;

  • Proof of income of the guarantor;

  • Deed of Guarantee.

In addition to the above, the following general conditions apply for students:

  • You have a valid residence permit in the Netherlands;

  • Our automated credit check reveals a positive payment history;

  • You can communicate in Dutch or English;

  • You are transparent about your application.

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