We get this question more often. That is why we have listed some things here

This is not about sharing by a family, a so-called sustainable household, which is of course allowed. It is about sharing by three adults who want to rent a house and share the costs together.

Basically, it is possible in the following places without any problem, provided that each person has their own bedroom.

  • Rotterdam

  • The Hague

  • Rijswijk

  • Leiden

Where is it not possible?

  • Amsterdam

  • Utrecht

In these cities, it is possible if the landlord applies for a permit. This permit often costs (a lot) of money and is therefore often not done. The houses that Verhuurtbeter.nl offers in these cities are therefore not available for sharing with 3 persons. 2 Persons can share the house.


Subletting the property to a 3rd person after this is contractually forbidden under penalty of high fines.


We recommend that anyone interested in this subject do their own research. Please let us know how you got on.

Utrecht fun detail

We understand that the Utrecht city council is divided on this issue. Hence (now), 2021) a maximum of 2 people. Perhaps this will fall the other way at new elections. We welcome this, because it gives more people a chance to get affordable housing and it is an answer to counteract scarcity.

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