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When applying for a rental property through, having a monthly income and making the standard deposit (equivalent to one month's rent) may not always be sufficient to secure the property. That's why we also inquire about the availability of a guarantor during the application process. Having a guarantor can provide additional security and sometimes make the difference in your ability to rent the house. It's important to note that the guarantor's role is distinct from the deposit.

A guarantor must be either a resident of the Netherlands or the European Union and must sign a document in which they accept joint and several liability for the obligations arising from the tenancy agreement. An example of the Deed of Bail can be found at the bottom of this page. If we require this additional security, it will be mentioned in the rental proposal, and we will provide the Deed of Bail for your guarantor to sign.

A number of facts at a glance:

  • Anyone can serve as a guarantor. Our preference is for a first-degree relative;

  • The guarantor remains responsible as long as there are financial obligations stemming from the tenancy agreement.

  • The guarantee cannot be terminated during the initial five-year period.

  • Becoming a guarantor does not entail any upfront costs for you or the guarantor.

  • To process a guarantor, we will need:

    1. Their personal details (name, address, date of birth, place of birth, current address, email address, and telephone number);

    2. Income details;

    3. Proof of identity, and

    4. A signed Deed of Bail.

    We will collect this information as needed, and documents can be uploaded through the tenant's Faster Renting account.

  • In essence, the guarantor's involvement is minimal as long as you fulfill your obligation to pay the rent on time each month. Your guarantor will only be contacted if you fall behind on rent payments.

  • If a guarantor is required for added security, a Deed of Bail will be prepared and signed for each tenant.

  • It's important to note that the guarantor's liability is capped at a maximum amount of €15,000 (fifteen thousand euros). However, as long as you adhere to the terms of the tenancy agreement, pay your rent on time, and use the property as intended, this amount will never come into play.

  • If there are two guarantors on a lease, the maximum liability together is €15,000 plus interest and costs. However, both guarantors are jointly and severally liable for the amount. So they can both be held liable.

  • With students, house sharers, entrepreneurs who have been in business for less than a year and most prospective tenants on benefits, we always ask for guarantors.

  • In principle, you cannot have the same guarantor. (This relates to the situation of home-sharing.)

Below are the contents of the Deed of Bail (Guarantee):


The following translation is made to understand the main features of the Deed of Bail. No rights can be derived from this translation. The Deed of Bail to be signed by the parties will be in the Dutch language.

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