What should you look for at an Open House?

In conversation with Herman & Jennifer, the service managers who welcome you and oversee the Open House.

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We at Verhuurtbeter.nl pay great attention to telling you the right information. That's why we think transparency is important. After all, we notice every day that similar questions come up. We address these personally, but we also want to tell at the front, to a larger audience. The topic now is the Open Houses! What happens during an Open House? What does the term "Open House" actually mean? What is expected of us as a team and what is expected of you as a candidate and thus as a potential tenant?

Herman and Jennifer

We like to explain it to you
Below is a conversation with Herman and Jennifer. As service managers, their role is to welcome and guide people during an Open House. Do you have any questions? Herman and Jennifer are happy to help!

Herman, once you stand at an Open House and receive people. What do you tell these people?

“Interested people can attend an Open House - without registration - according to the times on www.verhuurtbeter.nl/agenda.
At the start of the Open House, candidates scan a QR code that leads to an attendance list so we know who attended. In addition, candidates are given the 3-digit code, which they are also sent in the invitation but it is also additionally named during the Open House. This code is needed to respond to a property.
The candidates are given general information about the property and any information about renovation works. Furthermore, candidates are given the opportunity to view the property. By the way, our offer is already easily viewed online through photos, videos and 3D tours, but seeing a property in real life is still unparalleled.”

Jennifer, suppose; I have viewed the property and my questions have been answered. Then I am interested in this property. What now?
“Heartwarming of course, that's what we do it for! The first step is to create a premium account. Without a premium account you cannot respond to our offers. Once you have a premium account you can respond to the property by using the 3-digit code. You do this in your account. Candidates have 24 hours (from the Open House moment) to respond to the property. After that you cannot enter a code and we will assign the property to the person at the top. (based on registration time).”

Herman, approximately how long does a viewing moment take?
“On average, a viewing moment takes 20 minutes. Sometimes a candidate needs 5 minutes to see if it is a suitable property and another needs a little more time. If there are many candidates, we make sure the viewing moment goes on a little longer to spread out more. If the candidate wants to qualify to rent the property, they can enter the 3-digit code in their account and we continue communication online.”

Jennifer, why at Verhuurtbeter.nl do we do Open Houses? We have a digital platform and all the features at our fingertips. So what is the added value of viewing?
“We organize Open Houses so that people can get a good idea of a property and perhaps already get a good feeling. Most applicants want to experience the feel of a property in order to tie the knot. The added value compared to just watching a video, for example, is that candidates have fewer questions afterwards. So do you always have to come to an Open House to rent? No, you don't have to. You can also respond to the property based on the footage we have. In the invitation you will find the 3-digit code, so you can simply respond even if you have not been to the Open House.
We at Verhuurtbeter.nl strive for a fine customer journey where telling correct information is paramount.”

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