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Updated over a week ago organizes multiple types of group Open Houses (group viewings) for each property we offer. Here's what you need to know:

Public Open House
We maintain a dedicated page listing upcoming Open Houses. For these free-to-attend Open Houses, there's no need to pre-register. Just feel free to drop by.

Faster Renting Open House 

Do you already have a Faster Renting account? Great! You get priority viewing during Faster Renting Open Houses. This Open House is visible to everyone on our website, but without mention of a time slot. Those with a Faster Renting account, of course, will see the required information. We offer this type of group viewings so that people who are not yet on the waiting list don't waste their time coming to a viewing where the chance of renting the property is very small.

Top Open House
Reserved exclusively for prospective tenants with a Faster Renting account who are at the top of the waiting list. This Open House ensures that those who are most likely to rent the property get the chance to view the property. We invite 15 applicants to Top Open Houses.

“Always check the Open House Agenda two hours in advance for any changes to avoid disappointment.”

Individual viewing is not possible

Unfortunately, we only arrange group viewings, so there are no one-on-one appointments available. We also can't wait after a viewing as we're often headed to the next Open House. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Viewings in a residential state or when vacant
We rent out homes in a residential state or as soon as they become vacant. Here's how viewings work:

  • Viewing in an inhabited condition: we schedule an Open House as soon as possible in coordination with the current (leaving) tenant. This allows us to showcase the property early, and potential tenants can plan for a smooth transition.

  • Viewing as soon as the house is vacant: we'll also arrange an Open House promptly in this case.

In both situations, we will send you an invitation as soon as we have scheduled the Open House, provided you have the property in your favourites of your Faster Renting account or your Search Profile is properly filled in your free account. Everyone is welcome during the Open Houses.

"Always check our schedule two hours in advance for any updates."

Interested after an Open House, these are the next steps:

  1. If you don't already have a Faster Renting account, it is important that you create one now. Without a Faster Renting account, you are not on the waiting list and allocation of a property is not possible.

  2. Add the property to your favourites and enter the unique code in your Profile Card within 24 hours after the Open House. You can find this 3-digit code in the invitation (if you already have a Faster Renting account), or you will receive this code from the Service Manager during the Open House;

    Couldn't come to the (Public or Faster Renting) Open House? No problem, you can also request the code by sending a message via the chat here. You will then accept the property by viewing media provided by us. For the Top Open House, requesting the code is only possible for those invited, the 15 applicants at the top of the waiting list.

  3. We allocate the property one working day after the Open House based on the oldest rights (registration duration), filling the code and the applicable conditions.

You pay a one-off fee of €50 for the Faster Renting account. This account is valid for one year, applies to all projects and is never tacitly renewed. Is the property allocated to someone else? No worries! You will then move up the waiting list and quickly get another chance to buy a property. If you become a tenant, we will refund the €50.


  • To make sure we can help you, you can start with our Free Search and Explore account. Fill out your profile completely and instantly know what rent you can go up to, including a check on your payment history. If it fits, go for Faster Renting and enter your Open House code!

  • Payment for a Faster Renting account is never refundable, unless we have been negligent or made a mistake. Therefore: read the terms and conditions carefully first, start for free and only then create a Faster Renting account!

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