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Property allocated and then?
Which documents does ask for and when and how can I share them?
Which documents does ask for and when and how can I share them?

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We get regular questions regarding uploading documents.

To ensure optimal privacy protection, we kindly request that you submit your documents only when absolutely necessary. Documents are only required when we assign you a property. At that point, you have a 6-day window to upload the required documents in your Faster Renting account.

Submission and document verification:

You can upload your documents after being assigned a rental property, but not before. Following the allocation, our team meticulously reviews the documents, once you have signed the rental agreement and paid the starting invoice. We prioritize checking the documents of tenants who are scheduled to receive their properties in the short term, and so forth. Once our document verification is complete, the allocation becomes final. This will also refund your € 50 registration fee.

Identity verification
The iDIN check can be conducted promptly when starting the Faster Renting account, but it is only mandatory at the latest when a property is allocated. If you don't have a Dutch bank account yet or if your bank doesn't support iDIN, you can alternatively upload your ID proof (without any erasures). This is the traditional method of identity verification. Our system will then conduct a check. The ID proof will be promptly removed completely from our system after verification. This process can only occur after a property has been allocated to you.

Which documents are required?

Below is the maximum number of documents we may request when allocating a home. If we ask for a document, submission is mandatory unless otherwise agreed.

Generally, we require an easily readable scan of:

  • Your identification document (no driving license)
    ONLY if an iDIN check is not possible;

  • Extract municipal personal records database [BRP]. 

Employee, we require an easily readable scan of: 

  • employer's statement [we will always contact your employer for verification];

  • UWV statement. 

Entrepeneurs, we require an easily readable scan of: 

  • Extract from the Chamber of Commerce (not older than 3 months);

  • Annual figures for the last financial year, prepared and signed by a recognized accountant or bookkeeper;

  • Business forecast; prepared and signed by a recognized accountant or bookkeeper;

  • Statement of registered income of the last 2 years;

  • Agreement to contact the bookkeeper or accountant, signed by the prospective tenant. 

Student, we require an easily readable scan of:

  • Proof of enrollment in the study program.

Guarantors, we require an easily readable scan of

  • Proof of identity (excluding a driver's license);

  • Income details of the guarantor.

  • Deed of Bail

Please note: All foreign income-related documents should be in Dutch or English (including from the guarantor). If not, you must have these documents translated by a recognized translation agency or interpreter; the process to obtain these may take several days.


  • If there is no fixed income but there is equity, proof of equity is required.

  • Sometimes, specific dossier-related documents are requested.

  • If you are leaving a rental property, a landlord's statement is required.

  • If you sold your previous house a mortgagee's declaration is required.

  • In the case of a divorce, a divorce covenant is neccessary.

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