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I'm just on benefits. Do I have a chance of getting a house?
I'm just on benefits. Do I have a chance of getting a house? avatar
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Sometimes you can qualify for a home via on the basis of a benefit (think mainly of a 'work-related' benefit, such as WW).

Income requirements
In the first place, it must be plausible that with the payment the rent (and other fixed costs) can be paid. The income from the benefit must therefore not be too low compared to the income requirement that applies to the house of your choice. It is therefore important that you check this income requirement before you register.

A benefit only
Are you only entitled to social assistance, Wajong or homeless benefits? Then responding to a property through unfortunately makes no sense, no matter how sorry we may be. Almost all landlords set a minimum income requirement. An income on welfare level is simply not enough, even if you add surcharges and financing. Sorry and thank you for your understanding!

Tip: the housing cooperatives in the Netherlands offer an alternative. We certainly advise you to make use of accommodation there.ย 


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