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Online meeting is mandatory during the rental process
Online meeting is mandatory during the rental process

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We like to get in touch with our tenants. That is why we have included the online introductory meeting as a mandatory part of the rental process.

We work with a profile as standard and even this can sometimes be a snag. We mean that both positively and negatively, because sometimes the answer to a question in the profile is not necessarily 'yes' or 'no' but something in between. Especially when it comes to financial situations where, for example, you have forgotten to mention the holiday pay. This may result in a lower rental budget in euros per month and you may have less choice in our housing offerings. This, of course, is what we want to avoid. The conclusion is that a rental profile can be different from others that it is just good to talk about this for a moment. That way, you know where you stand, right?

We believe that the online introductory meeting makes an important contribution here. It is the moment for you as prospective tenant to ask all your questions about your profile and we are happy to help you with this, thus avoiding confusion and misunderstanding. We like that too.

As mentioned earlier, the online introductory meeting is a mandatory part of the rental process. This means that we will only make you a rental proposal after this meeting has taken place. After accepting the rental proposal things can suddenly go fast, especially if the information in your profile has been filled in accurately and if you have provided the right documents. There are situations where this was the case within a few days. Yes, that is really fast. We understand that, but this is no longer an exception, even though it may feel like a luxury or perhaps unreliable because you as a tenant cannot believe it? Welcome to the online meeting. Tenants and landlords find each other better.

Online meetings will be scheduled in the future and we will let you know when the time is right.

Thank you for your time. Tenants and owners find each other better.

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