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Are you interested in a property and would you like to view it? For each house we offer, organizes several Open Houses. 

Public Open House
We have a special page with an overview of the Open Houses that we will be organizing soon. For these Open Houses (which can be visited free of charge) it is not necessary to register first. You will automatically receive an invitation from us when we organize the Open House.

Premium Open House
Do you already have a paid account? Then you have a head start on the candidates with a free account. We will also automatically invite you to viewings during a Premium Open House.  These Open Houses are listed without time on our site and are especially for people with a Premium account. 

Top Open House
This Open House is organized only for applicants with a Premium account, who are at the top of the waiting list. Sometimes there is a lot of demand for a property and then we do not want people who are not at the top of the waiting list to come for nothing. We invite a maximum of 15 candidates to a Top Open House. These Open Houses are listed without time on our site.

“Always check the Open House Agenda two hours in advance for any changes. This is to avoid disappointment.”

Are you interested after an Open House?

If you do not yet have a Premium account, this is the first step. Adjust your preferences within 24 hours after the Open House and enter the unique code in your Profile Card. This 3-digit code can be found at the bottom of the handout you received from us during the Open House. Couldn't come to the (Public or Premium) Open House? No problem, you can also request the code by sending a message through your account. You will then accept the property by viewing images and/or video footage. For the Top Open House, requesting the code is only possible for those who have been invited (the candidates at the top of the waiting list).

We allocate the home one working day after the Open House on the basis of the oldest rights (length of registration) and the applicable conditions. You pay a one-off fee of €50 for the Premium registration. This account is valid for one year, applies to all projects and is never automatically renewed. Is the house assigned to someone else? No problem! You will then go up on the waiting list and will soon have another chance to claim another home.


  • In principle, the costs for an activated account will not be refunded, unless we have been negligent or have made a mistake. Therefore: first read the terms and conditions carefully and only then create a Premium account!

  • When you register, you automatically give approval for a credit check: a check of your payment history. A negative result of this check unfortunately means that we cannot help you. Even then, no refund is possible, because these checks involve costs. So when in doubt? Do not overtake!

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