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Updated over a week ago organizes multiple types of Open Houses for each property we offer. Here's what you need to know:

Public Open House
We maintain a dedicated page listing upcoming Open Houses. For these free-to-attend Open Houses, there's no need to pre-register.

Premium Open House 

Already have a Premium account? Great! You get priority access to viewings during Premium Open Houses. These listings, exclusive to Premium account holders, are available on our website without specific time slots.

Top Open House
Reserved exclusively for Premium account holders who hold top positions on the waiting list. This type of Open House ensures that those who are most likely to secure the property have the opportunity to view it. We invite a maximum of 15 candidates to Top Open Houses. Like Premium Open Houses, they are listed without specific time slots.

“Always check the Open House Agenda two hours in advance for any changes to avoid disappointment.”

Individual viewing possible?

Unfortunately, we only arrange group viewings, so there are no one-on-one appointments available. We also can't wait after a viewing as we're often headed to the next Open House. We apologize for any inconvenience.

"We rent out homes in a residential state or as soon as they become vacant. Here's how viewings work:

  1. Viewing in an inhabited condition: We schedule an Open House as soon as possible in coordination with the current tenant's departure. This allows us to showcase the property early, and potential tenants can plan for a smooth transition.

  2. Viewing as soon as the house is vacant: We'll also arrange an Open House promptly in this case.

In both situations, we'll send you an invitation once we've scheduled the Open House, assuming you've added the property to your preferences. Everyone is welcome during these Open Houses. Check our open house schedule for the viewing times.

"Always check our schedule two hours in advance for any updates."

For more information, about the procedure after an open house, etc., please refer briefly to the following articles:

If you have any further questions, please feel free to send us a message. Or look among the other articles, you may find the answer to your question there!

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