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Can't you at any of the moments?
Unfortunately, we only organise group visits. This means that you cannot make an appointment for a 1-on-1 viewing. Unfortunately, we cannot wait any longer after a viewing, because we are often on our way to the next Open House. Sorry!

“We rent out houses in a residential state or as soon as the house has become vacant.”

Viewing in inhabited condition
We organize an Open House as soon as possible in consultation with the departing tenant. This way we can show you the house early on and the lucky candidate can make arrangements for a takeover of a floor, for example. 

Viewing as soon as the house has been vacated
We will also organize an Open House for you as soon as possible. 

In both situations we will send you an invitation immediately after we have planned the Open House, provided you have added the property in your preferences. Everyone is welcome during the Open House. Look at our open house agenda for the viewing moments. 

“Always check our agenda two hours in advance for changes.”

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