If you have a Premium account, you will see your current position on the waiting list in your Profile Card for each property of your preferences.

Under option
Houses that have gone under option for someone else, we don't show here anymore. If the property becomes available again, because the candidate rejects the property, the position on the waiting list for that property will be visible again.

The position on the waiting list might change
Until the moment of candidate selection (usually 2 days after the Open House) each candidate can change the preferences of the houses in his Profile Card. If the registration period of this candidate is longer than your registration period, this candidate will go on the waiting list for you. It can also happen that a candidate with a longer registration duration removes the house from his preferences or that he is no longer looking for a house at all. In that case, the other candidates all move up one position on the waiting list. The moment we start the candidate selection we will see who is in position 1, 2 or 3 etc. 

Visit the Open House to qualify
It is important that you look at the property before you can rent. You may also send someone to look on your behalf. If you are not going to take a look and your position on the waiting list is high (the chance that you can rent is high) you will miss your chance on the house and someone with a less high position may precede you.

Adjust preferences within 24 hours after the Open House and enter the unique code
In this way we can see for which house(s) you want to qualify. Go to your Profile Card and only fill in the unique code of the Open House you visited (this 3-digit code can be found at the bottom of the handout you received from us during the Open House). 2 Working days after the Open House we will select the candidate. The candidate who at that moment is at the top of the waiting list will receive a rental proposal from Verhuurtbeter.nl in his account. If you do not receive a rental proposal, the property has not been assigned to you. Of course everyone who has shown interest and filled in the code will receive a message. If you do not have a Premium registration yet, it is important that you arrange this within 24 hours after the Open House and add the house(s) of your preference and the unique code.

Rental proposal, upload documents and rental agreement
The candidate who has accepted the rental proposal before the deadline (the next day at noon) will receive the rental agreement in his account. Now it's essential to upload all requested documents into your account within 6 days. We request you to go through the agreement and sign it online within 2 days and pay the starting invoice (total amount of rent, service costs, deposit, etc). If he does not do so within this period, the property will become available again and we will proceed with the next candidate on the waiting list.

"Verhuurtbeter.nl is unique in the free market of rental housing by this fair way of allocating homes."

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