When do I need a housing permit?
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In many municipalities a housing permit is required to rent a house. This applies to houses with a basic rent up to € 879,66. (2024) In this way, municipalities want to prevent cheap houses from being rented out to people with a higher income: the so-called 'skewed housing'. Whether or not you need a housing permit is determined by the municipality in question. They do this on the basis of two laws:

  • Housing Act 2014

  • Special Measures for Urban Issues Act (Wbmgp).

Before you start renting a house, it is wise to first check whether the municipality where you are going to live requires this housing permit. And if so: Are you eligible? The risks of renting without a housing permit are high.

In extreme cases, the municipality can force you to leave the house through the courts.

How to apply?
You can apply for a housing permit in the following ways:

  • Login via DigiD. Fill in the form 'Application for a housing permit' and add the requested appendices. Choose to pay with iDEAL. 

  • In writing. In many cases this can be done via an application form. Below you will find a number of examples for each city.

  • By appointment. It is best to consult the website of the relevant municipality for the contact details.

    Application form per municipality

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