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Huisdieren toegestaan of niet?

The answer to this question depends on various factors:

  1. Size and quantity of pets: The size or number of pets can influence the likelihood of causing disturbances. More animals may increase the potential for inconvenience.

  2. Type of dwelling: Whether it's an apartment or a single-family home matters. For instance, having a large dog in an upstairs apartment may not be advisable, and allowing a large dog to relieve itself in a garden could be problematic.

  3. Pet care: The tenant's responsibility in caring for the pet is crucial. For instance, regular cleaning of a litter box is necessary to prevent odor issues.

  4. Pet training: The level of training in pets is significant. For example, a dog left alone that incessantly barks throughout the day may create disturbances in the neighborhood.

These factors largely determine whether having a pet will cause disruptions and whether it is prudent to keep a pet in a rental home...

"In practical terms, the tenant is responsible for ensuring that having a pet does not cause disturbances in and around the house."

The rental agreement includes a standard penalty clause for pet-related nuisances. The specific terms of this penalty clause may vary depending on the project. For example:

"In general, pets are permitted."



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