Why can't I call Verhuurtbeter.nl?
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At Verhuurtbeter.nl we choose to provide online information. That is why we do not employ telephonists and you rarely get an employee on the line. This may seem impersonal, but practice has shown that it works faster and more efficiently.  In this way we can help more people find a new home!

Online skills
So we do ask for some 'online skills' or the willingness to ask for help from someone who can help you if you can't do it yourself. If necessary, Verhuurtbeter.nl will contact you by phone.  Of course we will meet you face-to-face during an Open House, or, it won't surprise you, we can also do this online of course :-)

“As soon as we assign a property we are also available by phone and. We will share the direct telephone number of a Verhuurtbeter.nl specialist.”

Everything can be found on our website
We pay a lot of attention to keeping our websites up to date. For every question you ask us, we first check whether the answer has already been given.  If this is not the case, we will quickly add this (new) information for you. Should you miss information, please let us know.

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