Come closer, find a brand new complex
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The 33 flats you will find here are your stylish oasis near the dynamic Amsterdam city centre. Whether you're looking for an affordable studio, a spacious two or three bedroom flat or complete luxury in a penthouse on the top floor. Here, city living really becomes an adventure again.

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August 26 2021

Parking and storage


In principle, residents enter into an agreement with Q-Park themselves.

Below, information through Q-Park:

One Resident Subscription

Subscription rate: Until February 17, 2025, a reduced rate of €165/month including VAT applies (price level 01-01-2021/annual index CPI all households). From February 17, 2025, the operator of the garage (currently Q-park) is free to determine the subscription prices and method of indexation. Administration costs (one-time): € 15, - (price level 01-01-2020).


The storerooms are located indoors. There is a large bicycle hall where you have 3 bicycle storage spaces available. Scooter spaces are still under development by means of green indications on the ground.


The bicycle shed will also be the place of the janitor and contact point for maintenance, for example.

26 August 2021

Service costs (€ 80 per month)

The costs are added to the basic rent. What do the service costs consist of?

- electricity common spaces

- cleaning of common areas

- Maintenance of communal garden

- complex manager

- sewer cleaning service

- glass insurance

- administration costs

- share maintenance contract installations

- water costs in general

- replacement of light bulbs in general areas

August 26 2021

Utilities / Energy

Water via own meter in meter cupboard (meter cupboard of apartments in the corridor). Electricity through own meter. Heating by heat pump, heat pump is 1 installation that goes to all homes. There is no gas, no valve.

Contract with ETEC for rental of installation in dwelling

Rent pump + standing charge (€49 including VAT per month). Consumption of pump and installation in the house is through electricity. This means that your electricity bill will be 2 to 3 times more expensive than normal.

Expectations are that eventually it will be cheaper than traditional energy costs because everything is well insulated. Certainty we can not give. Broad estimate between 80 and 85 per month.

Note: Final conclusion; more environmental than cost effective.

Energy label A

In balance ventilation a continuously running fan motor removes contaminated air through air ducts and valves. With a control knob you determine the amount of air the system extracts. Fresh air is supplied through valves in all the living areas of the house. A balanced ventilation system uses the heat from the extracted air to heat the fresh air from outside.

  • No solar panels

  • Triple glass windows

  • Balanced ventilation

August 26, 2021


Finishing of the homes includes; the walls, and floor.

The model homes contain furniture, these are available for purchase as an option. We are still being informed about the prices.

Effective date of rental periods will be determined based on the inspection reports. The date will start on the working day after this work.

August 23 2021


Can be found with the attached files at the homes on our offer page.

August 11 2021

Commencement of lease date is between August 1 and October 1.

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