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Are you coming to the Open House?

Please call 0883081091

You can also visit every Friday from 12 to 14 by appointment.
Due to security reasons it is now only allowed by appointment.

Please gather at the bus stop, we will pick you up in time slots. There is a lot of construction going on, which requires a special protocol. You cannot unfortunately not just walk onto the construction site, but we will come and pick you up every 15 minutes.

Please gather at the bus stop and be on time. Below is a photo:

Verzamel hier bij de bushalte, wij komen u ophalen

Update 22th july 2021

Information about the storage rooms in the Grote Feith

Update: 26th april 2021


Eventually it will also be mentioned in the rental proposal that we offer, namely which parking space belongs to the apartment and is therefore available for you aswell. Let us share an overview of how the parking spaces are distributed. There are no charging stations in the parking garage included.

Update: 20th april 2021

Floor plans with correct residential addresses

In yellow: De Grote Feith

and colored in green: De Kleine Feith

1st floor

Remote viewing with 3D TOURS

We are working on the properties. They are still under development, but you can already view some of the properties via a 3D tour. When you view our offer, pay attention to the term 3D TOUR. If it is visible, then there is one available. An example is shown below.


Check all the info in a row

Check our 'linktree'

We have a brochure of Feithplein in Voorburg

Via the button below, you can see with which items and materials the flats will be built and finished.


The Small Feith and The Great Feith in Voorburg in pictures

Floor plans*

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