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Enthusiastic about Verhuurtbeter.nl?
Here is how you need to proceed, step by step.

Do you meet the conditions?

  • Register within 24 hours after the livestream via: wonen.verhuurtbeter.nl

  • Your Premium account costs € 50, - once only. The account is valid for 12 months. You can respond to our complete property offer and it gives you a lot of extras. We have a no-refund policy!

  • We assign properties based on the oldest rights (registration period) and the applicable conditions.

  • In order to rent a property, viewing the livestream is mandatory. 

  • After completing your profile you will hear within an hour whether you are eligible.

  • Your documents and the iDIN check will only be needed once we assign you a property.

Do you have a question or would you like to get in contact with Verhuurtbeter.nl?
Use the message center within your account and we respond as soon as possible.

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