Using the calculation module, you can easily calculate what you roughly need to earn in order to be eligible for a home. The calculation module is based on a required monthly gross income that is equal to 4 times the monthly rental price of your favourite home. You do not have to take into account possible service costs. The (lower) income of a possible second person counts for 50%.

Rental budget may vary

Other factors also influence the calculation you make:

  • Type of employment: if you work as an employee, a permanent contract, for example, is more certain than an agreement on a temporary basis. As a result, the rent budget is higher for people with a permanent employment contract.

  • Having savings; savings are included, giving you the means to pay a higher deposit.

  • Having debts; the monthly charges you pay in debts reduce your rent budget.

  • Do you have a guarantor? This provides more security for an owner, which increases your rent budget. 

We do not look at what you are willing to pay monthly, but apply the rules that we have mentioned above. 

“If you have calculated the rent budget and you are in doubt as to whether you are eligible, we advise you not to register or to choose a cheaper house.”

Finally: in many situations we can also help people if they have a guarantor and/or someone can pay a higher deposit. It is up to you to decide whether you want to take the plunge. As soon as you have made the choice for a Premium account, you will receive a response from our system with your exact rental budget within one hour after completing your profile questions.

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