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Could you please clarify what the term "rent budget" means?
Could you please clarify what the term "rent budget" means?

What income is necessary to meet the eligibility criteria? avatar
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Our calculation module makes it easy to estimate the income you need to qualify for a rental home. This calculation is based on a required monthly gross income equal to four times the monthly rent of your preferred home, excluding potential service costs. If you have a second person contributing to the income, their income counts as 50%.

Your rental budget can vary based on other factors, such as:

  • Type of employment: Having a permanent employment contract provides more certainty, resulting in a higher rental budget compared to temporary agreements.

  • Savings: savings are factored in, allowing for a higher deposit capacity.

  • Debts: Monthly debt payments reduce your available rental budget.

  • Guarantor: Having a guarantor increases financial security for an owner and can lead to a higher rental budget.

Please note that we do not consider what you're willing to pay monthly but apply the rules outlined above.

"If you're uncertain about your eligibility after calculating your rental budget, we recommend not registering or considering a more affordable home."

Additionally, in many cases, we can assist individuals with a guarantor and/or the ability to provide a higher deposit. The decision is yours to make. Once you opt for a Premium account, our system will provide your exact rental budget within an hour of completing your profile questions.

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