Below are some important points before you sign up for a Premium account. We have a no-refund policy!

This is the route you will take

  • Always read the conditions carefully before registering. Reimbursement of the amount you pay for registration is not possible.

  • Homes are allocated based on the oldest rights (registration period) and the applicable conditions. Exceptions to this:
    1. the departing tenant nominates a new tenant;
    2. the owner immediately asks us to place a tenant.
    In these two situations, these candidates are given priority on the waiting list.

  • Keep your home preferences in your account up-to-date. Choose as many properties as possible that match your rental budget. That way we can help you find the best and fastest way to find a rental property.

  • The stated rental price is subject to change. The price may change after the property has been recorded by us and the owner has definitively determined the price based on our advice.

  • Photos: depending on the phase in the rental process, we sometimes share a limited number of photos or only project photos. As soon as we have more photos, we share them with all the proporties on our site.

    Before you active a premium membership, please read the terms

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